Simon and Pam previously a golden couple find themselves in smug and comfortable suburbia with two small children a sex life on hold and a marriage in limbo. At a yoga class for young mothers Pam meets the utterly gorgeous cellist, Katrien, who is quickly embraced by a bunch of young couples who call themselves the family group. Katrien followed her love-rat husband Klaus to New Zealand in the hope that their love would flourish. Instead, she catches him in bed with a young art student and her marriage falls apart.

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About cast And Crew

Emma Slade (Line Producer Berlin Shoot)

We finished our final day of filming in New Zealand on Monday 2 November 2008 followed promptly by the wrap party. Despite getting home in the early hours,psiphon 3 Paul (Director), Steve (DOP), Joel (Simon), Rhona (Katrien) and myself (Emma Slade, Line Producer), headed to the airport that same day, for our 36 hour trip to Berlin. Paul was the only one of the five of us who had been there before and was very enthusiastic about the location …he was right, the city was magnificent!

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